Tuesday, October 04, 2011

Every Year...

It seems like the beginning of each new school year always brings along some outbreak or pandemic of illness.

Seriously, you have perfectly healthy kids all summer long and as soon as you send them off to hang out for 7+ hours of the day in close quarters with hundreds of other children, they all of a sudden get sick...it never fails!

And this year is no exception. Clay woke up around 4am Saturday morning barfing his brains out all over our family room. He is usually pretty good about making it to the toilet, but there wasn't enough time, it hit him fast and hard. He spent a good half hour in the shower throwing up and crying - long enough for Joe and I to clean everything up and throw in a load of dirty laundry.

Clay was feeling poorly most of Saturday, but seemed to have recovered fully by Sunday morning. We sort of hoped he had just eaten something bad and that was the end of it...not so.

Max woke up and got in bed with me Monday at 12:30am. I had just washed all of my bedding and was worried he might get a bloody nose, so I brought him back to his own crib. A few minutes later he started to cry and yell for daddy. I went in his room and he had vomited all over in his bed. Yum. I had Joe bring him in and shower him off while I cleaned up his bed and threw in a load of laundry. I made him a little bed on our floor and we all went back to bed...until 1:30am, 3am and again at 4:30am. He threw up four times that night, I did four loads of laundry that night and no one got a whole lot of sleep.

Max seemed just fine today, although he had another bloody nose last night and, of course, he came and got into my bed around 4am...Joe and I stripped the bed and I did ANOTHER load of laundry. I am telling you, I have done WAY too much laundry over the past three days. Unacceptable.

The worst part though, Joe and I are both feeling very queezy and have terrible headaches...ya! It looks like the school year has most definitely begun!

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BECKY said...

ugh! hope it passes so fast!