Monday, April 08, 2013

Can you say, "Delicious"?

I LOVE to, love, love it! I may, or may not, have purchased half a dozen cooking magazines during the holidays because there were SO many yummy looking treats to make. These little babies were one of my favorites...Yum! They're a twist on Baklava. [Side note: It took me nearly 13 years to get up the nerve to make Baklava and I'm still mad I waited so long. It's definitely time consuming, but SO worth the time]. These use the same Phyllo dough, but are filled with Granny Smith apples that have been sauted with walnuts and dried cherries. Once they've baked you pour a DELICIOUS cinnamon infused honey glaze over them that is divine. I just can't say enough yummy things about them. So good. I can't remember which magazine I got the recipe from, but I will be sure and post it if I remember to find it in the morning (I just checked the clock and it is telling me I stayed up WAY too late). Off to bed I go!


BECKY said...

Time to start a little morning bakery where people buy things from you as they take their kids to school!
They look impressive!

Phillip and Maggi said...

Yum! Minus the walnuts of course... You can come to my house and cook anytime!