Thursday, November 29, 2012

We're Back!

I can't believe I have neglected this poor blog for almost an entire year...ouch. In stead of boring you (if there is anyone out there who is still checking in, that is) with a full year of updates, I figure I'll just start up as though I never neglected my blog in the first place.
I found this SUPER cute pattern for a Christmas Tree Skirt on Pinterest and decided that I HAD to make it. I love the 'rustic' look that the burlap gives it. For those 'non-sewers' it is perfect because the original was done with hot glue - no sewing. I am in a rather serious love/hate relationship with hot glue and decided it was in my best interest to sew mine, but it is unnecessary and very simple either way (although it is time consuming). I sewed mine up in about 4-5 hrs. I just worked on it after the kids went to bed for a few hrs each night and it took me two nights...not bad. I'm super excited for the holidays. I have been baking up a storm and making as many new holiday treat recipes as I can find time for (or make time for). I will definitely try and post some of those soon! Happy Holiday Crafting!

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BECKY said...

she's back!!!